How Funerals Are Changing & New Trends

Funerals have been classically a very similar, unchanged affair for as long as any of us can remember, but the way people live and how they want to be celebrated when they die has drastically changed in the last 3 decades. The traditional funeral is, ironically, dying out and many people are choosing new, alternative ways to have their loved ones celebrate their life after death. We’re exploring some of the popular trends and changes we are seeing in the modern day funeral.

No Black Clothing

According to studies, more than half of british people want to have an ‘unconventional’ funeral, starting with the banning of black clothing, which we has been something that has been becoming more popular for many years. Many people are opposed to black clothing at funerals and go even as far to choosing colours that represent the individual personally or themes that are reflective of a hobby or an interest that the person who has passed away loved, for example football shirts are a popular alternative.

Woodland Burials

Woodland burials are really high in popularity right now, many celebrities have been buried in woodland ceremonies, notably the late Caroline Flack was buried in a woodland setting. These high profile burials have encouraged and opened up a new avenue of burials, with many people choosing woodland burials as their preference.

No Hymns

Some people feel that hymns are dated and don’t represent them and their personality in the modern times we’re living in, music is hugely popular and we often attach ourselves to styles of music or songs we love, and that is usually what those that opt out of hymns, want to reflect in their funeral.