Freedom Day Postponed – What Does It Mean For Funerals?

The popularly known ‘Freedom Day’ that was promised to us for the 21st of June, has now been pushed back four weeks to July 19th, but what does this mean for funerals and families planning funerals during this period of postponement? We are covering everything you need to know… On June 21st some restrictions on weddings and wakes are expected to be made, but these will still be strict and limited to ensure the spread of coronavirus can be stumped and cases don’t continue to rise.
  • Guest limits on wakes and funeral services will be at the discretion of the venue, depending on their covid safety guidelines will depend on what attendance numbers you can be offered.
  • At wakes, people must sit on tables of no more than six, and be given table service if having food and drink during the wake.
  • Funeral and wakes will NOT be restricted to a maximum attendance, however you will need to take into consideration that your venues hosting these services will only be able to cater for a certain number of people due to covid safety guidelines still needing to be met. Have a chat with your venue to get an idea of your attendance restrictions within their rules.
  • The government advises that those who are hosting funerals make a thorough risk assessment ahead of the event to ensure social distancing guidelines can be met and to make sure you are abiding by the law whilst keeping your family and friends safe during this time.

For more details and to keep up to date with information, make sure you check the government website for peace of mind and clear guidelines that are expected of those hosting and planning funerals.