Can You Have A Visitation If You Choose To Be Cremated?

Visitations, otherwise know as viewings and gatherings are a popular feature that many choose to have before their funerals, burials and cremations. Cremations are no different to any other services when it comes to allowing visitations before the day of cremation. Visitations are an opportunity for families and friends to say their last goodbyes and pay respects in a more personal setting with other relatives and mutual mourners of the deceased. Typically, during visitations, the body will be dressed and placed into an open casket. These visitations usually take place before the funeral, and is usually best to hold on the day before or the day of the funeral, as those who have travelled to be there can then attend the visitation too. Families can choose the amount of time they gather at visitation, obviously at the discretion of the service holder, but usually they are more than willing to accommodate for up to a few days so that larger families and groups have had the opportunity to pay their respects. Most funeral homes will require the body to be embalmed before visitation proceedings, this is due to the amount of time your loved one is likely to have been deceased leading up to visitations and funerals. Funeral homes will want to present your loved one to you as accurately and best presented as possible. Visitations can occur in many different settings, including the private home, funeral homes will consider what is best for the body, what is best to suit the needs of the family according to their wishes and religious beliefs. Funeral homes are the most suitable and common places for visitations to occur to ensure the best presentation of your loved one, so it is important to weigh up your options in the best interests of everybody involved.