What Does June 21st Mean For Funerals?

The cap on funeral attendance was lifted early on May 17th, but what does June 21st mean for funerals? Currently, you can attend a funeral with more than 30 people in attendance, but should still be exercising strict social distancing whilst in attendance. Although uncapped attendance, the venue of which you hold the funeral should assess the number of people that they can hold whilst following social distancing guidelines, and this should be communicated with the funeral organisers to ensure that distancing can be strictly and efficiently followed. Wakes can be attended both outdoors and indoors, but are still restricted to 30 people.

So, what changes can we expect on June 21st?

If June 21st goes ahead as projected, we could see social distancing and PPE completely scrapped, with both being optional for personal preference. We expect all guest attendance limitations on funerals, burials, cremations and wakes to be completely lifted, with attendance and planning of funerals to be easily resumed to what we were used to before the pandemic hit the UK. MP, Mr Jenrick has said: “I look forward to working with faith leaders responsible for places of worship, and those who manage venues such as funeral homes, to introduce the new arrangements in a way that continues to keep people safe.” The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has also said that in step four “we will aim to remove all legal limits on social contact and on weddings and other life events. Thomas Brothers can help you with getting all of the information you need when it comes to adhering to Coronavirus restrictions over the coming weeks before restrictions are completely lifted.