Five Popular Pieces Of Classical Music For Funerals

When it comes to choosing meaningful music for your loved ones funeral you may be torn for a number of options, and mixing it up with some classical music as well as some personal favourites that represent your loved ones is a popular theme in modern funerals. We are sharing five popular pieces of classical music to incorporate into a funeral.

The Lark Ascending – Vaughan Williams

A very common classic played at funerals is The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams. The classic features one of the most beautiful violin parts that is loved by millions, and remains one of the highest charting classic pieces ever to be made. The song represents the rise and fall of a birds flight and is a fitting piece for any funeral.

Mahler – Adagietto (Symphony Number Five)

Classical FM has named Adagietto one of the most popular classical pieces played at funerals, and with good reason. The calming piece was written by Mahler after he fell ill and resigned from his position as the conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, which we believe was written on the bounds of a brush with mortality, making the exquisite Adagietto a fitting and moving piece for funerals.

Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Perhaps the most popular and most recognisable piece of classical music to feature in our favourites for funerals, Time To Say Goodbye is a world renowned classical masterpiece that is the perfect piece for funerals and celebrating your loved one through music.

Fur Elise – Beethoven

Another instantly recognisable classical piece that is popular at funerals is Fur Elise by the classical music genius Ludwig Van Beethoven. Despite being over 200 years old, this classical piece is still commonly integrated into the musical preferences of funeral services, and remains one of the most popular classical pieces of all time.

Gabriele Faure – In Paradisum

This beautiful piece of classical music is perfect for funerals, with it’s calming tones, it sets the stage for a moment of reflection during the service for family and friends. The Latin text is a prayer to the angels to lead the departed spirits into paradise where they will be met by martyrs who will escort them into the holy city of Jerusalem.