Ways To Save Money On A Funeral

It is not uncommon to have tight budgets when it comes to planning a funeral, as with many losses, these can come unexpected and unplanned, meaning you are not always prepared for the financial obligations needed to fulfill a funeral. We have some great tips for saving money on funeral costs when your budget is tight.

Considering Cremation

When it comes to deciding whether to have a burial or a cremation, it is usually much cheaper for cremation, depending on the options you choose. If cremation was always on the cards for you, you can also save money by spreading ashes in a special, memorable place versus having them buried into the ground. Popular choices for spreading ashes are beaches, a loved one’s garden or any memorable location that resonates.

Holding The Service On A Weekday

Weekend funerals can be more convenient for guests but usually come at a much higher price. You will be able to find the cheapest slots for cremation services or burials early in the week on Mondays and Tuesdays, obviously this does depend on your provider, but you can contact them and they will be able to recommend according to your budget.

Choosing The Right Funeral Director

Your funeral director will be the largest financial commitment you make when planning a funeral, so making sure you choose the right one for your choices and your budget. Your funeral director should offer clear direction in your funeral arrangements and be completely transparent about any costs you will incur, whilst making sure you don’t stray from your budget with expert advice.

Saving Money On Memorial Costs

A memorial averages at around £824 in the UK, but there are many ways that you can reduce the cost if you choose to have a memorial. There are lots of different types to choose from, popular physical memorials are benches, headstones and mausoleums.

  • Typically headstones or plaques come in marble, granite and stone, granite being the cheapest option of the three.
  • The shape of headstone memorials usually range in price too, with flat being the cheapest choice.
  • Drawings, letters and designs on a headstone all vary in price too, so baring that in mind when designing your headstone is essential too.

A really popular low budget way to deliver a physical memorial, is by planting a tree in memory of your loved one. This is a great, long lasting way to remember them, and won’t break the bank doing it.

At Thomas Brothers we work with customers with all different budgets, and have the expertise to offer a high quality service no matter what, as well as providing direction and a fully comprehensive service that will give your loved one the best send off.