COVID 19 UPDATE: Need To Know On Second Wave Restrictions On Funeral.

The Coronavirus outbreak that has gripped the entire world in 2020, is now gearing up for a second wave that is on the rise daily and expected to peak during October.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, addressed the nation on Tuesday to confirm that we are in the grips of a second wave of the virus, that is likely to infect over 50,000 people by the second week of October, with a very similar projection as the first wave that hit us in March.

With the uncertainty surrounding the second wave and how our lives could be impacted, along with an unknown number of deaths expected, the Prime Minister has tightened up on the restrictions in England and the rest of the UK following similar suit which include tighter restrictions on pubs and restaurants, a rule of six and restrictions remaining firmly in place on funerals, but not strengthened.

Funerals have not been impacted by any further restrictions at present. The government’s current guidance on funerals in England and Wales is that up to 30 people are allowed to gather for services outdoors, as long as they are socially distanced.

In Scotland, the current maximum of guests attending a funeral still sits at 20, and in Northern Ireland, the number of people who can go to a funeral depends on the size of the venue. If the person is being buried, a maximum of 30 people can gather at the graveside for the burial.