Grief & Bereavement During A Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a dark cloud over the entire world that won’t budge. During this time we are experiencing more grief and bereavement than ever before, which is why it is more important than ever to check in and support your family and friends, as well as making your own emotions are priority during these adverse times.

We have been putting together some of the ways you can not only deal with your own grief and bereavement during this pandemic, but also how you can help those around you too.

Technology Can Go Far…

With a second lockdown on it’s way, there is nothing more important than keeping in touch and supporting each other where we can during these times where we have to be physically distant from each other. Technology is a great way to keep connected and have personal experiences with your family and friends during the lockdown periods we are facing. There are many different ways to seek support through technology, and it can really keep you connected to the outside the world when you are struggling the most. Try to make time for daily calls with family and friends, at your own pace of course, whether that be using Zoom or video calling on Facebook.

Make Time For Yourself

One of the very few positives we can take from this pandemic, is that it has given many of us the opportunity to slow down, reflect and focus on taking better care of ourselves. Making time for yourself when you are grieving is essential for moving forward and dealing with you emotions delicately.

Practical Support Where Necessary

You may feel like practical support isn’t an option during the pandemic and lockdown periods, or you may feel uncomfortable asking for help but there are many organisations and charities out there working round the clock to provide support for everybody that needs it. You can still seek help to get daily tasks done and form a support bubble if you are alone with extended family that will help with keeping your everyday routine and your needs taken care of.