Celebrating The Life of a Loved One

Honouring a loved one after they have passed takes courage, calmness and love. A celebration of life ceremony is usually planned in advance as emotions can be very high when planning events like this. It’s mostly held in lieu of a memorial service, after burial or cremation of the deceased loved one. More and more though, traditional funerals are being replaced by ‘Celebration of Life’ events. Family and friends use this as a time to speak about and share memories of the person that passed. There are no set guidelines or rules for the event. It’s very intimate with close family and friends, held at whichever venue best suits the personality and lifestyle of the deceased, from a pub to a family member’s home. The possibilities of what you can do at the service are endless, just make sure to plan it in a way that will honour the deceased. A Few Tips for planning a Celebration of Life Event 1. The Guest list Determine the number of guests so you can plan your celebration of life where, when and how. Detail is important to ensure a smooth running of the ceremony. 2. The When and Where of the Event Liaise with out of town friends and family to ensure that everyone who needs to be there can be there. The event should not be tempered by travel-related issues once set. 3. Master of Ceremonies and Speakers From a Pastor or Minister depending on their religious affiliation or a non-denominational celebrant to oversee the celebration of life.  For friends and family a lot of them will be direct about their wishes to speak, yet some will need to be asked. 4. Set The Ambience, Music and Activities Showcasing the meaningful music of a loved one can help set the tone of the celebration. Music is important part to everyone’s life.  Finding an activity that your loved one enjoyed will give everyone a space to laugh and even cry together.