How To Arrange A Funeral

The death of a loved one puts mental and emotional strain on anybody without the added responsibility of arranging a funeral. It’s important to be clear and concise on exactly what your loved one wanted, and how best to make sure you get it done efficiently and as stress free as possible. In this post we are sharing our top tips on how to arrange a funeral and focusing on the important elements and priorities that any family with the responsibility of holding a funeral must consider. BUDGET First and foremost is important to be clear on what is affordable for your budget. Many people already have a pre payment plan in place with their chosen funeral directors or insurance that will cover most of the costs. It is a good idea to initially work out what your budget is and how it will be split into each element of the funeral. Your chosen funeral directors will have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the realistic expenses of each element and the resources to help you to get the ball rolling no matter your budget. BURIAL OR CREMATION The next thing to consider is what your loved one wanted in terms of a burial or a cremation. Although it is very likely that your loved one would have discussed what they wanted to do, however it is very realistic that the choice to be considered may not have been an option for your loved one, so it is important to come to a decision as a family what would be the best course of action. This is an extremely personal decision but again, should you need any support making this decision your funeral directors will be able to offer advice. ORDER OF SERVICE Planning the order of service is something that you can do as a family and is an important element to the celebration of your loved ones life. Choosing how your loved one would have wanted their funeral to pan out and making it a reflection of their unique existence can be a really endearing element of planning a funeral, which allows you and your family to reflect on memories with your loved one. You can really tailor the order of service to how you, your family and your loved one would have liked it to be. FLOWERS Flowers are a traditional and personal touch to any funeral. There are so many ways to approach the style of flowers you want to use for the service they can be as simple as spelling out a name, in the shape of something close to your loved one’s heart or you could use a flower that reflects the personality of your loved one. Maybe they didn’t want or like flowers? Something else to consider, if you’re unsure you can find an array of florists that specialise in making floral arrangements for funerals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. ORGANISING THE WAKE The wake is a more relaxed setting after a usually very difficult funeral. You may want to divide the invitation and only invite certain people to the wake. There are many ways you can throw a great wake that will be an unforgettable send off for your loved one. Great locations are usually pubs or social clubs where people can easily flow through the room, an open space where you can address everyone at once and of course, somewhere people can get a stiff drink after a difficult funeral and on an emotional day. Essentially, it’s about coming together to celebrate the life of an individual that is loved by and will be remembered by the attendees. Ensure that you book up your wake destination in good time to allow people that will need to travel a distance notice. Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors are passionate about making an already traumatic time for family and friends of a passed loved one, as easy as possible. We can offer support, advice and direction at all stages of your planning and help with any arrangements you may be finding difficult to get your head around.