The 6 Most Popular Funeral Songs

Something that most people are certain of and have considered when they think about is their funeral music or their funeral song. Music is one of the most popular ways to communicate a person’s individuality and offers a piece of them to the people who are mourning for them. Some songs are definitely more popular than others and in this post we are exploring some of the most popular funeral songs. Using ‘mainstream’ music in funerals has become more and more popular in the last fifty years and helps to create a moment of life celebration when a song is played that fondly reminds people of a loved one in times when comfort is needed. So what are the 6 most popular funeral songs? Angels – Robbie Williams Released in 1997, Angels has become a modern classic and one of the most popular funeral songs of our generation. Although it is over 2 decades old this Robbie William’s anthem has never lost its popularity, it is a powerful song that everybody knows, which makes it a perfect choice for a funeral song. My Way – Frank Sinatra  Released in 1969, this Frank Sinatra classic is a very popular choice for funeral as the lyrics and build of the song is reflective of a ‘final goodbye’. It is the ultimate tribute to a life well lived and continues to top polls for the most popular funeral song in the UK. Flying Without Wings – Westlife  Westlife are known for their power ballads, but particularly Flying Without Wings is one of their most popular songs. It’s uplifting lyrics and reflection on everlasting love makes it an absolute favourite for funerals. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life – Eric Idle A flip on the classic ballad, Always Look On The Bright Side is a popular alternative choice to a sad ballad and offers a brighter, happier reaction to celebrating the life of a loved one. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion Made popular by the blockbuster Titanic, this Celine classic has become a funeral favourite. The song reflects on everlasting love and the lyrics are fitting for remembering a loved one who has passed. Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman  A hugely popular song chosen for funerals is this Italian classic that Boncelli remastered in 1996 with Sarah Brightman that offered more English lyrics. It has become a funeral favourite for many reasons, most obviously the title speaks for itself. Whatever you decide to choose, music is a great way to communicate different sides to your passed loved one, and gives people something to take away from the funeral that will remind guests of them for a lifetime.