Five Popular Places To Scatter Ashes

After a cremation, there are so many possibilities when it comes to finding something to do with the ashes. There are mixed emotions about whether to keep a loved ones ashes close to you, or to ‘set them free’ by scattering them. Either way, we are sharing five popular places to scatter ashes that may inspire a decision for you and your loved ones at this difficult time. THE SEA  A popular choice is scattering ashes into the sea. If you were originally considering a sea burial, this can be an inexpensive alternative if your budget is tighter than expected. Scattering ashes into the sea is relatively simple and doesn’t require a license. But, it is ideal to be considerate of other users on the beach and swimmers by finding a quieter spot on the beach to release them. You could also hire a boat which could be beneficial when scattering ashes in the sea and allows you to have a more secluded, private moment. PRIVATE PLACE Another popular choice is on private land, such as, their home or the family home, as a way of having them always around. The only thing to consider about spreading the ashes on private property is weighing up the likeliness of selling the land or home. If this isn’t likely, personal property is a fantastic place to scatter the ashes of a loved one. LOCAL BEAUTY SPOT Beauty spots are a popular place to scatter ashes as it resonates beauty within our loved one, leaving them somewhere as beautiful as they were. You may need a license, and due to their popularity you may find that you won’t have exclusivity of the beauty spot, both things to consider when scattering ashes. VARIOUS FAVOURITE PLACES You could decide to scatter your loved ones in a multitude of places instead of just one. If they had a lot of places they liked to go or have a specific places that was memorable in their life for example: a football club if they loved a specific team. With this considered, again, remember you will need a license to scatter ashes in some of these public places. TAKE IT INTERNATIONAL  Some people had a favourite country or they may have been born in another country, they may even had a place they were dreaming of going to, but never got the chance. A common choice is hopping on a plane to spread ashes overseas. Be sure to contact your airline before you take your loved one’s on their final trip, to make sure they can accommodate your wishes. There are many options to consider when it comes to cremation and it is the opportunity to give your loved one a final goodbye and see out a final wish that may have been made by your loved one. Whatever you choose, it is wise to research and ensure you are within your rights to scatter ashes in particular places.