Scattering Ashes: Top Places In The UK

As the increase of cremation continues to dominate the choices people have made for after they pass away, there has also been an increase in scattering ceremonies. There are many different ways to use the ashes of a loved one to demonstrate what they wanted or represented. In this post we will be taking a closer look at the scattering of ashes and the top places to do so. In the UK, scattering ashes is only allowed if you have the landowners approval. If you want to scatter in a river or the sea, there is no permission required. You will need to contact the Environmental Agency if you wish to scatter in a lake or river on the coast.


The scattering of ashes on hill tops and mountains has grown in popularity due to their idyllic and peaceful settings. Cremation ashes are not toxic, but can have an effect on plant life around them, so it is best to not scatter on mountain peaks where plant life is already fragile. Also, due to their height, you may incur windy climates, so it’s best to scatter upwind to avoid ashes spreading frantically.


Another popular place to scatter ashes are sporting venues where your loved one may have been to or been a huge fan of the team that played there. You will need to gain permission from the sporting venues and your funeral director can help you do so, due to it’s popularity, a lot of sporting venues do accommodate for scattering ashes and will be welcoming.


Probably the most popular of all the places to scatter are water bodies, as usually you will not require any permission and there is something peaceful and beautiful about the unknown of the water that a lot of people desire to be a part of when they pass. The Environmental Agency does ask that you only spread the ashes of your loved one and not include the casket itself and other items of memorabilia belonging to your loved one as this can be harmful to sea life.


The last of our popular places to scatter ashes is private land. You may want to scatter the ashes in a garden or a field, which usually will hold some memory for and of your loved one. If you are spreading the ashes on your own private land there is no need to get any permission for this, however if you want to spread the ashes on private land that does not belong to you, you will legally require the landowners permission to do so. There are so many ways to commemorate your loved one through scattering ashes and even using the ashes in other ways, like putting them into jewellery or keeping the ashes close in your home.