Sympathy Flowers – What Should You Send?

Flowers are a great gesture to send when there has been a bereavement to friends or family. But which flowers are appropriate to send? We’re taking a closer look at sympathy flowers etiquette – what to send and when. Sympathy flowers have been one of the long standing traditions when there has been a loss to family and friends, whether you send them to the funeral or to the home of the bereaved, the gesture is always greatly received and appreciated. After a loss, it can be difficult to know what to say, sympathy flowers are a gesture that can soften that uncomfortable feeling and offers something as an alternative if you’re not sure what the right thing is to say. Flowers have been long known for their gesture of love and respect, but which ones are the right flowers to send? Lily’s are the most common sympathy flowers, symbolising purity and innocence. Closely followed by carnations in white, red and pink – carnations symbolise sympathy, respect, purity and remembrance. Some of the less common flowers are Gladioli that symbolise sincerity and moral integrity. Chrysanthemums are another flower that can be appropriate as in many European countries the flower symbolises death and only ever really used for funerals. Particularly white Chrysanthemums are symbolic of sadness and associated with the after life. So, now you know the flowers that are representative of the occasion, when should you send them? Flowers are mostly sent in the immediate instance of hearing of the passing, however even if you leave it for a few weeks, they will still be greatly appreciated as the influx in the immediate instance can actually be quite overwhelming. It is more common now to send the flowers to the home of the bereaved as opposed to the funeral, however many still do send to funerals at the request of family and friends. There is not right or wrong answer on where to send, but sending to the home signifies a more personal approach to the recipient. Now you have your flowers, and where to send them, what to say? Sympathy flowers only really require a small message, but if you do want to send something more personal and lengthy that is okay too. Many florist services are open to personalising the product as best suited, and should accommodate accordingly. If you’re not sure what to say, if anything at all, you could use a poem or quote that you would deem fitting if you’re at a loss for words on the bereavement. There is not really a right or wrong answer when it comes to an offering of condolence whether that be your personal presence or a simple delivery of sympathy flowers and a short message to offer your support to them and let them know that you are thinking of your friend or family at this difficult time. It is important for the person mourning to know that they have a support system around them, and a gesture like sympathy flowers will give your friends or family a sense of comfort and a feeling of being loved and cared about.