Personalising A Funeral On A Budget

Adding those personal touches to a funeral doesn’t need to be as expensive as you might think. There are many ways you can personalise a funeral without spending ridiculous amounts of money whilst ensuring that you provide a fitting tribute to your loved one. PHOTOGRAPHS  They say a photo speaks a thousand words and we think that is very true. Is there anything more personal than using photos to reflect on memories with a passed loved one? Bringing back memories between friends and family will create pleasant and nostalgic moments of comfort for the grieving. A great way to really encourage a great focus on the photographs is by gathering a timeline of pictures that span their lifetime which allows elements and times of their life to be celebrated. MUSIC Music is a really great way to add personal touches to your loved ones funeral. Using music to add a personal touch allows the guests to listen to something that your loved one, loved. You could use music in any element of the funeral service from the entrance to the exit. Music is easily accommodated at a funeral and a priceless piece of our loved ones personality. READINGS  Another priceless personal touch could come from readings. Story telling is a great way to really deliver a personal message to your guests and is an opportunity to share something wonderful or an insight to another side of your loved one that people may not know. Alternatively you could read a passage from a book your loved one enjoyed or a poem is another great way to keep it personal. POSSESSIONS  Using possessions to add a personal touch to your loved ones funeral is a great way to show a reflection of who they were. You can invite close family and friends to add personal items that belonged to your loved one into the coffin, or for example if they had a favourite accessory like a hat, you could put that on top of the coffin. However you decide to personalise your loved ones funeral, the need for a huge expense is unnecessary. Personality is priceless and showing your guests a reflection of their personality through music, possessions and much more will be comforting for people mourning their loss.