Four ways to help someone who is grieving

When someone we love loses someone close to them you can almost feel their pain through their grieving process and many of us want to do anything we can to ease that pain and heartbreak for the people we love, luckily there are many ways you can help them during this difficult time. Often the support from friends and family can really help the healing process of grief  progress and make an isolating time much less lonely.


Simply just listening to how your loved one is feeling and how they are taking the loss can be a really good way to understand what you can do to help and give them the freedom to express their grief by leaning on someone who will let them just get it out of their system. Grief is a very different experience for every individual and listening for key indicators in how they communicate with you is essential to making sure you can provide the best support to them during this time where they may be struggling.


Offering to help with the day to day in your loved ones life whilst they grieve can have a massive positive impact on their journey and even the smallest of gesture can make a big difference. Cooking meals, running errands and helping with details of funeral arrangements can be extremely helpful to them and really ease the process they are going through by eliminating some of the daily stresses they may face during their time of grief.


If communication and talking openly is something your loved one responds well to during their grieving process don’t be afraid to ask questions and try to trigger happy memories about the deceased, as it could be a great healing strategy to help them remember the great times they had. Keeping memories alive, and openly talking about the person your loved one has lost can really keep them alive in their heart and give them some positivity in a time of negative emotion.


During the grieving process your loved one may go through a number of emotions and knowing when to give them space is an absolute must and can be more helpful than you may realise. Giving somebody space is not leaving them alone, it’s important for someone who is grieving to face their emotions and go through the healing process successfully by reflecting on their own thoughts and feelings, so giving them space during this time can be really helpful.