Top tips for reducing funeral costs

Arranging a funeral can be a huge expense with the average funeral costing an estimated £4,000 in the UK in 2020, which can be a massive headache for low income families if there isn’t a funeral plan already in place. Although burial and cremation costs are difficult to bargain, optional extras can be tailored to the budget you need to stick to without compromising the ability to put on a funeral and celebration of your loved one’s life that is deserved. We’re sharing some of our top tips for reducing funeral costs.


If you’re looking for a way to reduce funeral costs, one of the first options to consider is the type of funeral service you would like to hold. On most occasions, you will discover that a cremation will cost less than a burial service, although, of course, this will depend on the extras you choose alongside the two basic options.


One of the most expensive elements in funeral arrangements is the coffin. There are many different options and depending on your budget there are many ways to make the coffin expense fit into your budget with some minimal research, cardboard coffins can cost as little as just £100 for those on the tightest of budgets.


Cutting back on flowers can be a massive investment of money saved, many modern funerals don’t use large flower arrangements and instead invite charitable donations to organisations that are close to the loved one’s heart.


One of the easiest ways to cut back on the expense of funeral costs is personalising the wake by holding it at home, in a garden or a park to save on hiring somewhere out, making your own food can be another great way to save money but still offer guests an opportunity to come together to reminisce.