4 Popular Alternatives For Sympathy Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers to the immediate family mourning a loss or as a gesture for the funeral service has been a strong British tradition for many years. However, as time has moved on there are many more different and unique sentiments you can send or provide to show your sympathy. Since flowers are such a popular choice, it might be a good idea to send something a little different instead of sending the 10th bouquet of flowers to the family. In this post we have rounded up some alternatives that leave lasting sentiment and a more unique offering. FOOD During this distressing time family and friends of the deceased may be finding it difficult to find time to look after themselves, especially with the stress of planning a funeral. Offering a home cooked meal to express your sympathy is a practical and thoughtful gesture, that will be greatly appreciated. You could also meal prep for family and friends to take a weight off their shoulders and ensure they are taking care of themselves by getting a hearty, nutritious meal. DONATIONS One of the most popular alternatives to sending flowers is raising money for a cause or charity that was close to the heart of the person you have lost. There are so many ways to raise money and JustGiving is a platform often used to achieve this. A charitable donation can go a long way compared to flowers. AN ENGRAVED GIFT Another popular alternative is a gift that has been engraved. This could be something as simple as jewellery or a memorial stone which a touching message on it. If you are close to the immediate family you may have a better idea of what kind of engraved gift would be suitable, but asking a close family member for inspiration would be a great idea to make sure your gift is appropriate. SOMETHING HANDWRITTEN  Handwritten letters and notes are an excellent sentimental alternative and can be a really thoughtful and touching gift to a person who is grieving. Remembering a loved one with a positive story or memory of them is a great way to show your appreciation for having them in you life. It can bring up fond memories for the immediate family and open a positive conversation in a really sad, negative situation. However you decide to express your sympathy, know that in such a difficult time for your friend or family, your gesture will be greatly appreciated. Offering support and expressing your love for the people in your life that are suffering with the loss of a loved one is important and is never taken for granted.