4 Ways To Deal With Grief

Dealing with grief is something everyone experiences at one stage of their life or more. There is no reason to feel ashamed or feel alone in this time and there are so many things you can do to express your grief, find new ways to cope and work on feeling better. TALK  Talking is such a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with grief, and is something we take for granted when we’re suffering. Whether you open up to family or friends, or feel like you need someone out of the box to speak to like a counsellor, it’s good to talk. There are so many support groups and specialist counsellors across the country that can help you to deal with your grief. WRITE Writing can be a really helpful way to express your emotion and grief during this difficult time. You could do this by sharing it as a blog, there are many blogs that focus on grieving and mental health, or you could write just for yourself. You can keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings, something that has been proven to be extremely popular and therapeutic when people are dealing with grief. LISTEN There are so many ways to deal with grief simply by just listening. There are so many opportunities to connect with yourself and everything that you are going through without saying anything at all. You could listen to family and friends stories about your lost loved one, which can be endearing and a great healing method. Other ways to listen, are by listening to podcasts that specifically deal with topics like grieving. Podcasts offer information, experience and advice that you could really resonate with in the period time that you are grieving and can be a really positive way to deal with your grief. A few podcasts worth listening to are ‘The Airing of Grief’ and ‘Where’s The Grief?’ MEDITATION A more modern way to deal with grief that seems to be becoming extremely popular, is using meditation. There are so many apps on your smartphones and tablets that can offer beginner meditation that you could really find very useful in your times of need. Meditation allows you to channel your energy better and focus on self importance and self care, something that can be at a loss when somebody is grieving.