What To Do When a Loved One Dies

Death of a loved one is a sad and scary thought and it is not something we like to dwell on. However, it helps to be prepared both mentally and organisationally for such a time. 

Death comes when we least expect it and it helps to have a reference on what to do. At Thomas Brothers we are funeral directors. We’ve experienced death of loved ones ourselves and we invite you to let our family take care of yours during this difficult time. 

Here is an outline of what to do if someone dies; be this at home, in a retirement or nursing home, in hospital or elsewhere.

  • If at home, contact your doctor or doctor on call who will come to your home to certify the death and issue a Notification of death, which must later be given to the registrars. After the doctor has attended, you can call our chapel of rest straightaway, regardless if it is, day or night, to come and collect your loved one.
  • If your loved one has already been residing at a nursing or residential home, it is likely that the senior in charge, with your permission, has already arranged the doctor’s attendance and for your loved one to be conveyed to our chapel of rest. They can inform you where you can obtain the Notification of Death. 
  • If your loved one has died in hospital, you can apply to the hospital for the Notification of Death and not the family doctor. In a situation where your loved one’s passing has been reported to a Coroner, this person will work in your best interest and will send the Medical Certificate of Death directly to the Registrar’s Office in the district where your loved one has died. You will need to have contacted the Coroner’s office first.

 What To Do When a Loved One Dies – Thomas Brothers Can Help! 

At our Thomas Brothers chapel of rest, we are fully versed on all undertaking procedures, funeral arrangements, burial or cremation and memorial services. 

 Our funeral director family is available 24 hours a day to attend to your family’s wishes and can advise on all considerations, including funeral costs, floral, audio visual and musical tributes, grave and head stones, horse-drawn carriages and motorised hearses and makes and styles of coffins.

Despite a loved one no longer being with you in person, it is fitting to celebrate their lives. As funeral directors, we sometimes call them the funeral celebrant. They may not have asked for a wake with merry making, but we can honour them in a manner fitting to them. If your loved one was close to nature and your family would like to honour them in like manner, our funeral family is well prepared for green and eco-friendly funeral services. 

If burial is preferred over cremation, we have a selection of natural wood coffins to choose from. Not all families have the means or the desire for extra trimmings, tailored coffins and monumental masonry, although we do provide these. We can help best meet your and your loved one’s wishes within the budget you have prepared.

Our aim is to compassionately remove the funeral arranging burden from the bereaved family during what is already a traumatic time. Thomas Brothers’ funeral directors takes care of deceased relatives as though that person were one of our own. We ensure that whatever your circumstances, our family will give your family member or loved one, the best care and attention.

Thomas Brothers directs funerals across a diverse range of nationalities and religious (and non-religious) beliefs. We believe we have knowledge of the various funeral and internment rituals required regardless of what these are. Our funeral direction family pays particular attention to the detail at every moment of the funeral process. This includes the conveyance of your loved one’s body to our chapel of rest, the memorial ceremony arrangements, and internment or cremation of the body. We also offer a broad range of options for floral tributes, catering, orders of service, head stones, obituaries, and charitable donations in memory of your deceased loved one.

Many family members who have a religious or humanistic funeral ceremony are offered our service of carrying the casket on our shoulders both into and out of the church, or place of choice for non-religious families, as this reflects our reverence and respect for your deceased family member and also honours past traditions. 

Last, but certainly not least, as your loved one continues to live on in your memory, you and your remaining loved ones may need help working through the powerful emotions of losing a loved one. We often find that bereavement counselling support is invaluable. Thomas Brothers can assist your family’s search in finding just the right person or organisation to help you through this sad and difficult time. They can help you let go of strong emotions, but also fondly remember and assimilate fond memories of your deceased loved one into your lives.

You need not go through the aftershock of losing a loved one on your own. We are here to help you all hours of the day or night.