Incorporating sustainability into a funeral

In 2022 people are more and more conscious about the environment, and how we can do more as individuals to reduce the carbon footprint, so naturally more sustainable funeral services are becoming popular. There are many ways to incorporate sustainability into your funeral service without compromising on quality, by simply making small changes that can make a big difference, we’re sharing some of the eco-friendly choices you can make if your loved one is someone who wants a more environmentally friendly funeral.

Biodegradable urns

Cremation is a popular choice for many, and if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly way to carry out at the wishes of your loved one a biodegradable urn could be the perfect choice for you. Burying ashes in one of these eco-friendly urns will have a positive effect on the environment around them, you can also have a tree seed planted inside the urn, which will grow through the nourishment of the ashes.

Eco-friendly coffins

One of the biggest changes you can make when choosing a more sustainable approach to a funeral service is the use of ec0-friendly coffins. Bamboo, banana leaf, willow, pine and cardboard are all great materials for environmentally friendly coffins, as most are 100% naturally manufactured and biodegradable.

Alternative transport

This may be a difficult task, but if your choice of burial site is close by using alternative environmentally friendly transport can be possible and can further your endeavour for a more sustainable funeral service. Instead of consuming petrol in funeral cars, consider walking or cycling or, if you do need to drive to the service, you can also try sharing lifts with other people to decrease the number of cars in the funeral procession. There are many ways to add eco-friendly touches to your loved ones funerals, and many options depending on how far you want to take sustainability in the service. The main benefits of sustainable funerals can be so rich and sentimental in the sense of sending your loved one’s body back to the earth to become part of nature and regrow through the environment, plants and other living organisms.