Do You Struggle with Attending Funerals?

A lot of people feel uncomfortable attending a funeral and don’t know what to say to the grieving family and friends for fear of saying the wrong thing. No one wants to unintentionally upset or cause more pain for people. This article provides a few pointers for those who struggle with attending a funeral. Before and During Funeral Etiquette
  1. Dress In dark colours and maintain a conservative look. Flashy outfits and bright colours are widely frowned upon unless it’s part of the tradition in your culture.
  2. Make sure you arrive early. Respect the time that has been set for the funeral to start and arrive at least 10 minutes before hand.
  3. Do not sit in the front rows which are usually reserved for family and close friends. If it seems not enough adequate seating is available allow family, the elderly and close friends to be seated first.
  4. Make sure your phone is off or on silent so as not to distract the mourners with interruptions during the service. Also stay away from playing games or taking photos during the funeral service. Make sure any children who are with you do the same.
What can you say when someone dies?
  1. Allow people to know that you are there for them if they need you. They might not respond to your offer at first but may later. Simply saying “ I am available if you want company” or “I am here for you” is extremely helpful.
  2. Find out if you can help with anything. Organising a funeral can be overwhelming and in such times a lot of practical support is necessary to deal with all the funeral arrangements and everyday tasks. Always be ready to offer to help.
  3. Do your best to keep communication channels open. Simple questions like ‘’how are you doing?” or statements like “I’m here if you want to talk” gives the mourning person an opportunity to speak and allows you to listen to them.
We take this solemn time very seriously – It’s our job to take the stress out of organising the funeral and support the family with the arrangements. If you have any questions regarding organising a funeral, we are at your service and here to help. Feel free to contact us on or call 01527 547 777 .