Covid update: Funerals to be exempt from any further restrictions

The new Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been claimed to be one of the most infectious strains, with numbers of infections sky rocketing in the UK over the last few weeks, and there has been a lot of talk of restrictions being put back into place over the next few weeks to reduce the spread and minimise the strain on the NHS going forward. One of the main concerns with the idea of restrictions being reintroduced in the UK is where that leaves funerals, after two years of restrictions that have limited the send off of loved ones for millions of families, but it has now been reported that funerals and weddings will be exempt from any other restrictions going forward, which will be a relief to grieving families. The Times have reported that ministers have decided that the disruption caused to significant life events in the previous episodes of restrictions must be avoided, even if there are limitations made on indoor events. The government have been rumoured to lean towards guidance as opposed to legally binding restrictions that will cause disruption across the country for the fourth time in two years, and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is expected to make an announcement before the New Year on whether he will impose restrictions or offer guidance based on their findings on how much of a threat the Omicron variant poses on the public. Funerals are still able to currently go ahead as usual with no restrictions at all on any ceremonies or wakes and will be expected to continue as normal no matter what the outcome of the Prime Minister’s decisions on restrictions or guidance over the next few weeks.