What Kind of Flowers to Send for a Funeral

It can be difficult to know what kind of flowers to send for a funeral

Flowers or plants are a lovely gesture to send when someone you know passes on. No matter when you hear the news, it’s never too late, sending flowers is always appropriate. 

The Meaning Behind Flowers

It can be very difficult for those mourning a death to put feelings into words. Flowers are a visual expression of love, sympathy and respect. Flowers are also a means of showing support and sharing the burden of grief.

They create a background of warmth and beauty during a tough, painful period in the bereaved person’s life.

What kind of flowers to send to a funeral?

– Roses

As one of the most recognisable flowers, roses can be a beautiful part of an arrangement of funeral flowers. 

White roses evoke reverence, humility, innocence, and youthfulness. Red roses convey respect, love, and courage. Pink roses signify love, grace, appreciation and gentility. While yellow roses represent the joy shared in a bond of friendship.

– Lilies

When it comes to fragrance lilies have few rivals and are therefore the flower most commonly associated with funerals as they promote harmony, peace, innocence and purity after death. 

– Best Combination

A combination of Lilies and Roses are an elegant and beautiful way to pay tribute to a life well lived. A variety of flowers can be combined in a customised floral arrangement to provide a meaningful aspect to each moment you shared with your loved one.

When To Send Flowers for a Funeral

The time frame for sending flowers or collecting them for a funeral is usually short, although if you miss the window of time you can always send flowers to the family afterwards to express your condolences. 

We hope this article has given you some pointers for what kind of flowers to send to a funeral.  

If you need to arrange a funeral, we can help with all aspects to make this difficult time less stressful.