COVID-19 Update: What Does Lockdown 3 Mean For Funerals?

Lockdown three is in full force and the government intends to keep it going well into February and possibly beyond. There are many things that are affected by the lockdown’s, including the rules and restrictions on gatherings including funerals. We are updating you with the basics of the latest restrictions in line with the pandemic and the current lockdown government guidance.

How many people can attend a funeral?

Funerals are now restricted to 30 mourners for the service, but only six people are permitted to attend a wake. Burial services are still permitted but again there is a restriction on the amount of people able to attend burials. These limits do not include anybody working at the funeral i.e funeral directors and those hosting the service.

Are crematoriums still open during the lockdown?

Crematoriums are on the exceptions list and are permitted to stay open during the lockdown but for funeral services only.

What are the guidelines for funeral services specifically?

You should wear a mask whilst attending a funeral service, whilst maintaining social distancing rules at all times with anybody other than your household or support bubble. Relevant religious, belief-based or commemorative events, such as stone settings and ash scatterings can continue, but must adhere strictly to the guidelines set out and should only be attended by a maximum of six people.

Do funeral directors need to use PPE?

Those handling bodies should be aware that there is likely to be a continuing risk of infection from body fluids and tissues where coronavirus infection is suspected or confirmed. While the risk of infectious transmission is lower than for living patients, action should be taken to mitigate that risk. If you are not sure exactly what is and isn’t permitted, you should take further information from the government website before you proceed with arrangements and talk to us at Thomas Brothers the Funeral Directors and we will guide you through the process..