Choosing A Funeral Director

Choosing a funeral director can be a challenging task of its own when you lose a loved one. There are so many things to consider at this difficult time, you must find a funeral director who is on the same page as you when it comes to organising and the smooth running of a funeral. It is not a shopping task that is relished in, so it is important to be clear and concise on exactly what you are looking for.

Thomas Brothers have some great tips for finding the right funeral director for you, all qualities we already possess…


Ensuring your funeral director has the appropriate credentials is essential to the protection of your customer experience. Your funeral director should be a member of The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) or National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). A good funeral director will follow nationally approved regulations/protocol and these credentials are proof of their professionalism.


No matter what you are looking for in the personality of your funeral directors, it’s important that it is appropriate to what you feel you need to connect with your funeral director and get the funeral planned properly. Traits of a funeral director you will want are organisation, empathy and experience that offers great support and advice.


A good funeral director will cover all the essentials in a one off fee, instead of charging for many different prices for the many services needed. The reason a one off fee makes for a good funeral director is because it takes the stress out of working everything out and the worry of forgetting essentials that may be needed for the funeral. The last thing people need when planning a funeral and suffering a loss is slipping up on things. It’s important that a good funeral director understands what you need and offering appropriate services.

Some things to consider in inclusion…

  • Does the cost cover religious officials?
  • Do you want basic or superior, or environmentally-friendly coffins?
  • Do you want a funeral procession and additional limousines?
  • Do you need payment upfront, and do they have payment plans?


Making sure the price is right is again, very important. You may want to shop around if you’re frugal and feel that is within your capabilities at this difficult time. A good funeral director should be extremely clear on their fees, what they offer within those fees and what they can offer to you and your family at this difficult time that makes them better than the rest of their competitive market.

Whether you get a recommendation from family and friends, or a good google search helps you to find suitable funeral directors, a good funeral director will make such a difference to so many areas of your grieving process. A good funeral director will go above and beyond to offer a service that takes the stress, worry and work out of a very difficult time, and that is an invaluable service that should always be a top priority.

At Thomas Brothers we dedicate ourselves to taking as much stress and worry weighted on family and friends shoulders when they have lost a loved one. It is important to us to provide a service that is not only one to fondly remember, but one that provides an opportunity for family and friends to come together in peace to remember their loved one in a service that has been well thought out and taken care of.

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