Burial Or Cremation – What Is Best For You?

Something we are usually certain of before we die, is whether we would like to be buried or cremated. This is usually a very personal decision and something that should be respected by immediate family when you pass away. In more recent years, cremation has become a more popular choice, however in this post we will be exploring both options and how you can come to the decision that is right for you.


The obvious difference between burial and cremation, is that with burial your body stays fully in tact, and with cremation, the body is incinerated and the remains become ashes that can be spread or kept as a sentiment. Both are traditionally done almost instantly after death, traditionally after a funeral or a service celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed.


Most people in the modern day have a moral conscience towards the environment and the argument between cremation or burial being better than the other for the environment is completely torn. Some consider that a cremation emits a significant amount of pollutions in the air, enough to contribute to damage to the environment. On the other hand, people are quick to hit back at the lack of biodegradable materials used to make coffins that are put into the ground and the toxicity of embalming fluids.


Views on cremation specifically can really vary amongst Christians, in particular. It was forbidden to get cremated by the Catholic Church, however the ban was lifted in the 1960s. Baptist and other fundamentalist Christian denominations as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church do not permit cremation, while the Methodist seventh day Adventist and Lutheran churches do. Cremation is required in some eastern religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. While Sikhs prefer cremation for cultural reasons, burial is not prohibited. Cremation is forbidden for Muslims.

Making your decision should be something that is personal to you and something that is carefully considered. No matter what you choose, your family and friends will have two wonderful options for remembering you. With Thomas Brothers we will respect and help all we can to carry out your personal choice or assist close family members with making the right decision should the deceased not specify.

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