Back To Work After Bereavement

After the death of a loved one, one of the most difficult things you will have to overcome, is going back to normality, including going back to work. This can be hard if you are not prepared, we are sharing some tips for going back to work after bereavement.

Making Sure Your Co-Workers Are Prepared…

You will likely to be in contact with your boss and HR during the time of loss, and if they can prepare your co-workers for your return as much as possible, that would be really considerate and helpful. Avoiding unnecessary awkward and uncomfortable questions is paramount to being able to get back to normal, and focus at work, so if you can advise your boss or HR what to reiterate to co-workers in the lead up to your return, that will be really helpful.

Find moments to be alone and gather your thoughts…

It’s important to have moments alone and to find yourself a safe space where you can take a minute when you’re feeling overwhelmed or tearful. There is no shame in expressing your distress, however having moments of time to reflect and grieve alone is important and will help you to keep it together whilst focusing on work.

Keep focused and busy during your workday…

It can be a blessing to be busy at work, especially when you’re returning from bereavement leave. Starting new projects and getting stuck back into your work can really relieve your grief, and can help you to move forward with your life, as the famous saying goes, time can be a healer. Be sure to not to overdo it though, and take on more than you can handle, know your limits and keep a good balance.

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